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Author's Note:

This book is the result of having worked with a wide variety of clients, from city mayors and corporate execs to teens living on their own and hustling on the streets. Over these past 45+ years, I have been able to figure out what therapeutic techniques and social philosophies actually work in real life and not just as conjured up theoretically by some university researchers. I am an early adopter of just about everything including new ideas on improving one's life. I am also an early discarder of methodologies that are great hype and of little use.

There are just so many different problems that clients may have in life and an equally effective and practical set of remedies and solutions. Over the years I have kept track of those recurring problems and my suggested solutions. This book is a compilation of those teachings, solutions, and philosophies that tested over time have shown the greatest positive results.

Designing Your Great Life!

Time-Tested Prescriptions for a Life Worth Living

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A refreshing take on navigating addictions and low self-worth. For 45 years, Jason Wittman has been teaching his clients practical solutions to life's problems.

These solutions will guide you away from self-sabotaging behavior patterns and toward the change you seek.




Very incisive and to the point. Great reading for anyone in recovery. “Designing Your Great Life” made clear to me that my ideas about self-improvement have been somewhat vague. One thing I got out of the book was a more immediate and focused approach to the issues I need to address to improve my own happiness. For me, going forward, thanks to the book I learned about my inner and outer environments, and how important it is that they be positive and nurturing. I certainly recommend this book for anyone wanting to dig deeper into what they really need to think about and do in order to stay in recovery and have a happy sobriety.”

~ Daniel Benton, screenwriter in recovery


Wittman’s book is an in-depth study into the world of addiction and it’s inextricable link to issues of self-esteem. He provides numerous easy to understand concepts and exercises, that have been developed from both his personal and professional experiences spanning over fifty years. Exercises that, when practiced, can buttress the positive effects of a 12-step program.

Certainly worthwhile reading for the clinical healthcare worker, addiction recovery specialist, as well as the individual seeking additional support in their own journey of personal recovery, Jason Wittman’s Designing Your Great Life, is highly recommended reading. 

~ Gary P, Retired University Professor


Make no mistake – this journey is not for the faint of heart, that why it is so important to have a community and a coach to help you. But Jason’s book gives your guideposts all along the way. This book is so comprehensive, that you could use it forever and not extract all its value. Keep in mind that this is a journey of a lifetime that each of us are on.

~ Anna Fussell, MA, Author of Ride the Wild Dragon & Sounding One’s Song, Shame, Self-Esteem, Creativity and Spirituality; Psychosynthesis Guide


About Author

Jason Wittman, MPS has both his B.S. degree in business management and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Cornell University. He is a Certified, Level IV, Addictions Counselor, an Internationally Certified Clinical Supervisor, and has been a life, mentor, and sober coach since the early 1980s.


He focuses on coaching and counseling business and professional clients, who are recovering from alcoholism and addictions to work and live at their exquisite best. He specializes in the enhancement of self-esteem/love, the lack of which is the root cause of all addictions and most everything else.


As pioneer in the recovery field, Jason's career started in 1971, when he founded and ran a residential therapeutic community for drug addicts and alcoholics. He has been counseling and coaching people in varying stages of recovery and in many different therapeutic settings ever since.

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